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Post Office outreach for 11 Highland communities




Royal Mail is confirming that following post office closures in the Highlands 11 new community outreach services have been set up.

Highlands and Islands Regional Labour MSP Peter Peacock made the following comments:

"It is regrettable that post office closures have taken place in the Highlands but the Outreach Services announced will at least allow postal services to remain available to 11 rural communities.

"This is only possible because in recognition of the impact of losing a post office, the UK Government agreed that a large number of new outreach services be created to retain some local services in more communities.

“I have visited the mobile post office in Caithness and also a satellite outreach service which is operating in a village hall in Marybank in Ross-shire and I do believe there is a place for these facilities to maintain access to postal services.

“Outreach Services could be expanded to introduce new postal services to areas not presently covered and I would like to see the Post Office pursue this option once the new services have bedded down."

Download details of the 11 community outreach services >>>


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