Reaction from Peter Peacock to school estate statistics issued today which indicates 65% of Highland Primary Schools and 36% of its secondary schools are in a poor or bad condition.

30 September 2008

Overview of figures

Highland - primary - 9 good, 54 satisfactory, 115 poor and 5 bad. (65% poor or bad)
Highland - secondary - 2 good, 17 satisfactory, 9 poor and 2 bad. (36% poor or bad)

Moray - 8 secondaries are satisfactory, 3 poor and 1 is bad. (50% poor or bad)
Moray - primary - 3 good, 38 satisfactory and 5 poor. (10% poor)

Peter Peacock commented:

"This report shows just how much work still needs to be done to improve schools across the Highlands and Islands.

" I will be contacting the local authorities across the area, who clearly still have work to do on improving their school estate, to get an overview on a school by school basis of where our buildings are failing, and I will be pressing the Scottish Government to give them the resources to remedy this unsatisfactory situation.

"It is a tragedy that the SNP government has brought the school building programme to a shuddering halt.

"They promised they would match Labour's commitment to building new schools but so far have failed to have a single new school developed anywhere in Scotland.

"With the momentum on schools buildings having been lost, pupils, teachers and whole communities are not getting the improvements they both need and were promised.

"The Government must take action now and spell out how local authorities are to be funded to build the new schools we so badly need."


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