Voice of Highland Senior Citizens must be heard

13 May 2009

Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP, is getting behind moves by the Highland Senior Citizens Network to be included on The National Older Peoples Consultative forum being set up by the Scottish Government.

Mr Peacock said: "The Highland Senior Citizens Network represent the elderly in the largest geographical land mass in Scotland.

"The fact that they are not being represented means their views are not being heard.

"They have been labelled a community group and apparently not eligible, but other similar organisations from the south and the west of Scotland have been included.

"The Highlands and Islands are being left out, when it is apparent the views of the whole country should be represented.

Mr Peacock added: "I will be writing to the Health Secretary to ensure that the voices of older people in our remote and rural communities are being heard and listened to when it comes to their health."


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