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09 October 2008

Beware the "Copy Cat" Stornoway Black Pudding

City slickers are being warned to watch out for 'copy cat' when looking to buy the famous Stornoway black pudding.

Following reports of ‘Stornoway style’ black puddings up for sale in the central belt, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP Peacock plans to take on the imitation puds.

"The Western Isles is already famous for having its trademark Harris Tweed and the reputation for genuine Stornoway black pudding also deserves to be protected.

"We don’t want any other butchers taking advantage by using the Stornoway product name.

"If Melton Mowbray can get protected geographical status for its pies – then we should be able to get it for Stornoway black pudding.

"I am discussing a joint approach with my European Parliamentary colleague Catherine Stihler."

Peter, who admits to being a devotee of the real Stornoway black pudding added,

"I have been a great fan of Stornoway black pudding for many years and anytime I am in Stornoway I try to ensure I take a supply home for my use and for friends and family.

"It is one of the great products of the Highlands and Islands."

Peter has tabled the following motion in Parliament:

Parliament commends the black pudding makers of Stornoway for their distinctive and high quality product which is enjoying a growing reputation; welcomes the increased export of Stornoway black pudding from the islands; regrets the marketing of black pudding not made in Stornoway but which uses the name of Stornoway on its labelling; supports the possibility of securing protected origin or geographical status for genuine Stornoway black pudding; encourages all Scots and others to sample the delights of real Stornoway black pudding.

He concluded, "Everyone knows that while imitation is the purest form of flattery, they are never as good as the real thing and we need to protect the distinct Stornoway black pudding from the unfair competition of any product masquerading as the real thing," said Mr Peacock.


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