High visibility, low delivery on Highland Issues


Commenting on the Cabinet meeting in Inverness today, Peter Peacock, Labour MSP for the Highlands and Islands said:

"The roving SNP cabinet meeting has attracted a lot of media attention and it would be wrong not to recognise the Cabinet is meeting in Inverness today but what is really important is what the Cabinet discusses and agrees about issues vital to the Highlands whether meeting in Edinburgh or here.

"Did Ministers today commit the cash they saved by cancelling the rail project to Edinburgh airport for a definite and precise timetable to dual the A9, or did they agree to continue playing with vague words about some future upgrading?

"What decisions did they agree on the A82 and A96 upgrading and the Inverness Southern Distributor Road promised by the SNP before the election?

"Did they agree to give Highland Council more cash so they could begin to reverse the disastrous cuts in education that are seeing teacher numbers being reduced and cuts in services for those with learning disabilities?

"Did they agree to reverse their decision to constrain Highland Health Board's funding causing it to fall behind increases in the rest of Scotland over coming years?

"Did they agree to drop their plans for means testing Highland pensioners for central heating grants?

"Did they decide to maintain their commitment to give Highland first time home-buyers a £2,000 grant promised at the election, or did they stick to ditching that commitment?

"Are Highland students now to have their student debt written off, as promised at the last election, or does that promise remain broken too?

"The façade of pretty words and guest appearances will crumble if the SNP government continue to avoid dealing with the building blocks of our communities – a year in we still don’t know how they are going to pay for projects like new schools and roads, never mind when they are going to start them."

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