MSP adds voice to crofting feedback

01 September 2009

Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP, has added his response to the Scottish Governments Consultation on Crofting.

In a letter to Environment Minister, Roseanna Cunningham, Mr Peacock said: "The crofting community have spoken out on what they think of the government’s plans.

" We have received a significant amount of feedback in our office and the striking thing that emerges is the almost total rejection of the detail of the proposals put forward.

"Crofters have made it clear they have not been persuaded by the merits of the proposals.

"We put it to crofters that there are some potential areas for action on which the draft Bill was largely silent, for example, where we believe change would strengthen the hand of the Commission to deal with speculation.

"We also set out that we believed you had significant potential power to act, using the power to issue specific directions to the Commission, to ensure greater focus on addressing some of the issues that crofters do have concerns about with regard to the priorities and effectiveness of the commission."

Mr Peacock added: "It would be useful to know when the government expect the full analysis of the consultation to be completed.

"Once Parliament is back in September, myself and my Highlands and Islands Labour colleagues would be happy to meet with the Cabinet Secretary about issues arising from the consultation."



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