Plockton School of Music : Peter Peacock comments on its future 16/03/2011

Welcome for recommendation that the Highlands and Islands has its own Economic Development Agency 01/03/2011

Peter Peacock urges council to secure future of music school swiftly 25/02/2011

Labour Move to Secure Future for Plockton Traditional Music Centre 17/02/2011

Plockton Traditional Music School : Peter Peacock raises 03/02/2011

Peter Peacock expresses delight over university status for the University of the Highlands and Islands 01/02/2011

Assurances won over funding for community broadband projects 26/01/2011

Peter Peacock urges Transport Minister on the problem of unregulated and unmonitored Hill Tracks 18/01/2011

Response to UK Government announcement on the delivery of Broadband  8/12/2010

MSP fears for future of unemployed in Kintyre 6/12/2010

Winter Energy Bills : Consumers urged to check 24/11/2010

Council redundancies : Westminster and Scottish Governments are to blame, says Peter Peacock 15/11/2010

Hill Tracks campaign : Progress report sought from Scottish Government 2/11/2010

Superfast Broadband Network : Peter Peacock calls for Government statement on possible Highlands and Islands inclusion 13/10/2010

Meeting with leading education officials in Highlands 27/08/2010

Peter Peacock criticises Lib Dem support for scheme that will cut housing benefit for thousands in the H&I 27/08/2010

Highlands and Islands Broadband campaign taken to London

Concern over level of health care in two north hospitals  14/08/2010

Black Isle Show visit 05/08/2010

Fuel costs : Peter Peacock criticises Liberal Democrats for watering down pledges 07/07/2010

Inverness College move to Beechwood 19/06/2010

Disappointment over refusal to support call for pilot fuel discount scheme in the Highlands and Islands 11/06/2010

Crofting "Bureaucratic Nightmare" In The Making 10/06/2010

MSP describes Inverness-based technology company as "innovative and forward looking" 03/06/2010

Fears that Commission budget deficit will be funded by fees 03/06/2010

MSP criticises last-minute court action bid to try to halt community buyout 21/05/2010

Peter Peacock sets out opposition to key aspects of Crofting Bill 13/05/2010

Lib Dem/Tory coalition :"People will not forget this, nor should they" 13/05/2010

Battle over Crofting Future set to continue 07/05/2010

MSP’s and candidate’s concern over future of SEPA in Dingwall 30/04/2010

Disappointment over withdrawal from Fort William waterfront development plans 21/04/2010

MSPs urge council not to close community centres nor swimming pool 21/04/2010

Crofting campaign : Chuck The Charges 10/04/2010

Call on SNP Government to do more to attract renewable energy manufacturers to Highlands and Islands 06/04/2010

Huge Support Gathering to Call for Greater Control Over Damaging Hill Tracks 01/04/2010

Peter Peacock’s response to former HIE chair speech 24/03/2010

BBC Alba : disappointment over BBC postponement of decision 23/03/2010

Finance Black Hole in Crofting Proposals 22/03/2010

MSP's disappointment over closure of charity 18/03/2010

Labour Launch "Hill Protection" Petition 01/03/2010

Peter Peacock backs calls to make BBC Alba available on free view 11/02/2010

Highland MSP calls on Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham to release report on Bull Hire Scheme 03/02/2010

Highland MSP supports Campbeltown All-Weather Pitch Campaign 22/01/2010

Disappointment at Kinloss Job Losses 15/01/2010

North MSP secures Broadband Commitment from Government 12/01/2010

Corran Ferry slipway repairs 12/01/2010

MSPs urge BBC to make BBC ALBA available on Freeview

Peacock Hails Postcode Campaign Victory 21/12/2009

Disappointment at Minister’s Reply 21/12/2009

Mallaig to Lochboisdale Ferry : response to Minister’s answers

Peacock welcomes Pairc land purchase vote 15/12/2009

Minister refuses to consult further on Crofting Reforms 03/12/2009

Good news for Elgin continues 03/12/2009

Teacher Number Collapse Condemned 01/12/2009

Peacock wins unanimous backing for Morvern post petition 27/11/2009

Call to use Windfall Cash to Boost Highland Broadband 26/11/2009

Western Isles losing out under Energy Assistance Package 11/11/2009

Comment on Wick High School inspection 11/112009

Government need to listen to crofting consultation 06/11/2009

Campaign for better broadband gathers force 30/10/2009

Environment Jobs at Risk/27/10/2009

SNP urged to say sorry for ‘misleading voters’ and start building schools 16/10/2009

Call to re-introduce croft house loans 07/10/2009

Ordnance Survey Maps for Kids 02/10/2009

Moray Childcare Update 01/10/2009

Peter Peacock Comment on Halkirk Accident  29/09/2009

Comment on Wick High 28/09/2009

HIE Comment 18/09/2009

Fears over Inverness jobs as `Scary' SNH budget cuts revealed 17/09/2009

HIE funding boost 17/09/2009

Peacock welcomes Uists jobs decision 16/09/2009

Morvern Post Code Issue goes to Parliament 08/09/2009

Government would be wrong to press ahead with controversial crofting legislation 04/09/2009

MSP adds voice to crofting feedback 02/09/2009

Dingwall Regeneration Cash welcomed 07/08/2009

Crofting House Loans not being restored

Calls for Land Fund Action 03/08/2009

Campaign can bring results 24/07/2009

Argyll and Bute doing their part to improve bio-diversity 30/06

Concern over parking legislation 19/06/2009

Effect of Kessock Bridge traffic on people and businesses 19/06/2009

Planned Defence job losses in the Uists, Raasay and St Kilda 17/06/2009

Concern over islands' missile test range 16/06/2009

Highland Council urged to take action to help Honey Bees 04/06/20092009

End the Kessock Queues 29/05/2009

Assurance sought on Croft Funding Threat 22/05/2009

Crofting Bill raises more questions than answers 20/05/2009

Worrying Bee Number Decline for Parliament Debate 20/05/2009

Post Office outreach service welcome 12/05/2009

Time running out for Septic Tank Owners 16/05/2009

Wick and Thurso urged to apply for regeneration cash   14/05/2009

Voice of Highland Senior Citizens must be heard 13/05/2009

Badenoch and Strathspey Community Group head to Holyrood  01/05/2009

Meeting with Regulator for Broadband Provision 25/04/2009

North MSP continues to fight for Elgin By Pass 24/04/2009

Worries Grow Over new Broadband Satellite Services for North  24/04/2009

Disappointment over Government's response to Scottish Rural Development Programme 21/04/2009

MSP continues to fight for broadband access in remote communities 21/04/2009

 MSP welcomes funding for research into declining bee populations 21/04/2009

MSP congratulates North Whisky Firm 21/04/2009

Peacock reacts to Transport Minister's comments on TLR 17/04/2009

Honey Bees 17/04/2009

Fiddling with Bureaucracy while Crofting Burns 15/04/2009

Need for Islands Broadband Action Plan 10/04/2009

Peter Peacock continues to fight for Lochboisdale to Mallaig ferry route 09/04/2009

North MSP slams Scottish Government’s lack of action over shocking dog collars 09/04/2008

Alcohol Minimum Pricing Policy Set to Hit Moray 07 April 2009

1,000 Less Teachers in Scotland 25/03/2009

North MSP's Broadband concerns 20/03/2009

Minister Disappoints in Post Bus Issue  20/03/2009

Western Isles Health Board Maintenance Backlog 13/03/2009

North MSP’s Disappointment Over lack of Commitment for Wick Refurbishment 06/03/2009

Highland MSP attacks Minister’s Spin over TLR 24/02/2009

Highland Council's impossible choice  14/02/2009

Urgent Action Needed Following Damning Inspection Report of Moray Children's Services 12/02/2009

Call for more job relocations 02/02/2009

Pot too small for Free School Meals in the Highlands 28/01/2009

Categorical 'No' to Government re-think on Inverness TLR 21/01/2009

Article for Am Paipear  15/01/2009

EU can't be blamed for ending Bull Hire Scheme 15 January 2009 >>>

Ardgour Outreach Post Office 2009 >>>

HIE's Budget Cuts -letter to newspapers  8 December 2008 >>>

Local MSP disappointed at European decision in fight against bird poisoning 20 November 2008 >>>

No action on shock collars 12 November 2008 >>>

North MSP seeks Ban on Electric Dog Collars 03/11/2008

Stornoway Black Pudding : update  14/10/2008

North MSP Hails Possibility of Reduced Bills for Concom Customers 14/10/2008

Debate on Foot-and-Mouth Scottish Parliament 02/10/2008

Comment from Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands Labour MSP to the Scottish Government's response to the Shucksmith Inquiry into Croftin 30/09/2008


Minister refuses to restore HIE Budget in Argyll and Bute  23/09/2008

MOD banking battle in Kinloss 17/09/2008

Comments on review of ferry services  03/09/2008 >>>

Government must listen - Crofters Overwhelmingly Reject key Elements of Shucksmith Report in Survey 27/08/2008 >>>

Peter Peacock MSP comments on the Scottish Government's Affordable Housing U-turn 20/08/2008 >>>

Threat to Vestas in Campbeltown 15/08/2008 >>>

Post Office outreach for 11 Highland communities 08/08/2008 >>>

North MSP Raises Funding Concern Regarding Ross-Shire Waste Action Network 8 July 2008 >>>

Highland MSP calls for Caol Flood Prevention Clarity 07/07/2008

Highland Council pressed for announcement over learning disability centres' future 20/05/2008 (PDF download)

Minister refuses extra support for Islands 15/05/2008 (PDFdownload)

Crofting Inquiry Report 12/05/2008 (PDF download)

Minister pressed for guarantees on broadband for the Islands 08/05/2008 (PDF download)

Response to SNP Government's decision to reject the Lewis Windfarm  22/04/2008 (PDF download)

Failure to Invest in Inverness  28/03/2008 (PDF download)

Western Isles Post Office Action (PDF download) 07/03/2008

Government Minister washes hands of Wick High School (PDF download) 06/03/2008

Over 300 Council Job Losses Prediction (PDF download) 06/03/2008

Council at odds with Swinney on Voluntary Sector Cuts (PDF download) 04/03/2008

 Concern at "Disproportionate" Number of Island Post Office Cuts (PDF download )   04/03/2008

Parliamentary Question on Wick Academy  (PDF download) 27/02/2008

John Swinney's refusal to guarantee funds for Moray Flooding Scheme condemned (PDF download)   26/02/2008

MSP keeps up pressure for new Ferry Route (PDF download ) 25/02/2008

MSP visits Nairn Academy to learn about Malawi venture 30/01/2008

Parliament tells Government to think again on Flood Funding 17/01/2008

Highland Post Office closures 08/01/2008

Fort William Post Office  : MSP's comments  18/12/2007

Call to honour Scotland’s Lumber Jills 07/12/2007

Raasay Post Office saved  04/12/2007

Flood protection budget issues  03/12/2007

Peacock Backs Skye Airlinks 29/11/2007

No local office exempt from HIE job cuts 29/11/2007

Police numbers revealed for Northern Constabulary 28/11/2007

 Call for funding for wildlife officer 22/11/2007

Moray Flooding Schemes Can’t be delivered – admits Senior Civil Servant 22/11/2007

Police numbers to be cut in the North 15/11/2007

Reaction to Nationalists’ Budget 14/11/2007

Letter to the Editor, Stornoway Gazette 09/11/2007

Highlands and Islands MSP backs groundbreaking Feis Academy 09/11/2007

SNP Broken Promises Will Affect the Islands  09/11/2007

Raasay post office 08/11/2007

 Moray confirmed focus in flooding inquiry  07/11/2007

Call for Government support for local farmers markets  06/11/2007

Badenoch and Strathspey Flooding Highlighted  05/11/2007

Lots of Bluster, but still no answers  05/11/2007

Peacock Gives Assurance to Fishermen Representatives 05/11/2007

Highland MSP Lodges Parliamentary Motion over Fort William Post Office Move  05/11/2007

Funding Formula for Flooding  31/10/2007

North Pig Farmers need urgent cash support  30/10/2007

Article in the Ross-Shire Journal 25th. October 2007

Ross and Cromarty Group Praised in Parliament 24/10/2007

Highland MSP speaks out over Argyll and Bute Post office Closures 24/10/2007

MSP backs calls for rates relief for Royal British Legion Social Clubs in Moray 12/10/2007

Labour MSP calls for answers from Lochhead  10/10/2007

MSP seeks community council views on flooding  10/10/2007

Highlands and Islands MSP supports Caithness Archaeological Trust’s Role in Promoting the Area’s Viking Roots 02/10/2007

Call for Wildlife Crime Unit 01/10/2007

 Loss of Power at HIE Condemned  26/09/2007

Feasibility Study on Air Link for Skye 25/09/2007

Council Tax Freeze : "Devastating effect on key public services" - MSP 25/09/2007

Wendy Alexander addresses the Labour Party conference 25/09/2007

Gordon Brown addresses the Labour Party conference 25/09/2007

Flood Funding or Face Cuts in Services 20/09/2007

Highlands and Islands Regional MSP Challenges Environment Minister Over Future Funding for Land Purchases  18/09/2007

Highlands and Islands MSP calls for flooding inquiry to come to Moray 18/09/2007

MSPs welcome Buckie Cup Win    18/09/2007

Highland MSP Claims Fort William Post office Plans are a Downgrading 17/09/2007

Government Defeat Over Careers Strategy    13/09/2007

North MSP welcomes Major Inquiry into Flooding in Scotland 05/09/2007

SNP National Conversation Paper prompts challenge on scale of Moray RAF Rundown after Independence  21/08/2007

MSP supports call for Fort William Community Council meeting with Post Office 07/08/2007

No progress for Castle Tioram 06/08/2007

North Disappointment at Council Reluctance to use Post Offices 06/08/2007

Flybe’s cancelled flight figures must improve dramatically, says MSP 27/07/2007

Executive forced to move on question of Post Offices support 24/07/2007

Peacock again calls for action on Moray Flood Prevention 16/07/2007

North MSP’s Disappointment over Scottish Executive Reply on Orkney Funding 21/06/2007

Highland MSP lays down Parliamentary Question on Castle Tioram 11/06/2007

North MSP tables Parliamentary Questions on Windfarm Referendum 07/06/2007

North MSP tables Parliamentary Questions on Livestock Improvement Scheme 05/06/2007

North MSP receives Reassurances on Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Budget  05/06/2007

Peter Peacock attacks SNP Hypocrisy over Calmac Tendering  04/06/2007

Peter Peacock Questions Mather over Western Isles Windfarm Referendum  31/05/2007

North MSP calls on SNP Council to support Post office network  28/05/2007

Arnish Yard Report : Peter Peacock MSP comments 22/05/2007

North MSP calls on Executive to honour Commitment to Nairn Golf Centre of Excellence  18/05/2007