Peter Peacock comments on Lewis Wind Power media launch

Commenting following attending the media launch by Lewis Wind Power in Edinburgh this morning, Peter Peacock, Labour MSP for the Highlands and Islands said,

"This announcement is a major demonstration of confidence in the people and workforce of the Islands.

"If planning consent is given for the development, the economic benefits have never been clearer, opportunities for manufacturing, construction, management and all the benefits for local traders that spin off such a development.

"The focus now switches to the minority SNP government whose decision on the planning issues is the biggest test they are facing on their commitment to renewable energy.

"If the planning application is approved, the door will opens to other investment in an inter-connecting cable to the mainland, allowing the potential of wave and tidal energy and off-shore energy to be realised.

"The government has a hugely significant decision to make."

Alasdair Allan, the local constituency MSP did not appear to attend the announcement, being held in the building next door to Parliament.

16 January 2008

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