Reaction to Nationalistsí Budget

Peter Peacock said, "This confirms what we predicted, the nationalists are breaking their promises to the Highlands and Islands.

"With the biggest budget in Scottish government history and twice as much as Donald Dewar had, they would rather try to blame Westminster than take responsibility for their broken promises.

"We will be examining each and every line of their budget over coming days to expose what it was they said they would deliver in the Highlands and Islands and just how far short of that every one of their broken promises will mean for our communities.

"The nationalists have given priority to getting a council tax freeze, but they promised that and council service improvements on class sizes, nursery teachers and police officers.

"Now it seems it is the council tax freeze at the expense of maintaining current council services, let alone improving them.

"Most people would like to pay less tax, but many will be concerned that is going to be at the expense of services for their children and grandchildren and for the safety of our communities in the north."


14 November 2007

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