Highland Post office closures

8 January 2008

Peter Peacock, Regional Labour MSP for the Highlands and Islands has vowed to support local communities which want to fight for their local postal services in the Highlands, following today’s announcement by the Post Office.

The figures revealed this morning indicate 18 branches earmarked for closure, 11 have been identified as outreach services and four may receive additional service points as the branches do not currently meet the access criteria - 167 remain unaffected.

Mr Peacock said, "It is very disappointing that these closures are being proposed.

"Local people, particularly the elderly depend upon local access to post offices and I appreciate the concern in the communities that now know they are threatened with the loss of their local post office.

"Wherever local communities want to fight to keep their local service I will help support their representations.

"I have written today to all the sub postmasters of the branches affected to ask what support they may find of most help and I will work with local community councils as well.

"It is vital that the consultation process now underway is meaningful and reflects the needs of local communities and I will liaise closely with Postwatch who represent the consumers interests in these matters.

"A number of local communities, while being promised the retention of some services will, in effect, be downgraded and I will be arguing for the hours that have been published to be expanded where that can be shown to be necessary."

Commenting on the fact that the most remote offices were being protected throughout the Highlands, Peter Peacock said:

"I am delighted that the government has stuck to the guidelines that it previously identified on the impact of geographical features in protecting the most remote rural postal services.

"The gloomy predictions of some that the whole network was under threat has been shown to be overstated.

"In the lead up to this consultation process I have been in regular contact with Postwatch Scotland over various issues surrounding post offices in the Highlands and Islands and I will continue to liaise closely with them. "


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