Peter Peacock attacks SNP Hypocrisy over Calmac Tendering

4 June 2007

Highlands and Islands Regional Labour MSP Peter Peacock has attacked the SNP government’s astonishing hypocrisy over the CalMac tendering process.

Mr Peacock said, "SNP ministers Fergus Ewing and Jim Mather should be hanging their heads in shame and apologising for so grossly misleading CalMac staff and ferry users.

"Fergus Ewing, when Shadow Transport Minister called the tendering process for CalMac routes ‘unnecessary’ and said an SNP government would not tender.

"Mr Ewing described tendering as a ‘costly farce’ for people of the islands and West Highlands, ‘achieving precisely nothing.’

"Now that the election is conveniently out of the way, the Executive have confirmed a complete u-turn and are going to press ahead with the tendering process they promised to scrap only a month ago.

"Fergus Ewing, now a junior minister, should hang his head in shame for so grossly misleading people, anyone with honour would consider resigning for this deception.

"Argyll and Bute MSP, Jim Mather also stood for the SNP policy pushed by Mr Ewing, and should be deeply embarrassed by the actions of his Party.

"The credibility of the pair of them is very badly damaged after only a couple of weeks in power. "

Mr Peacock continued, "The SNP are obviously learning the reality of government, sweeping claims and grandiose promises made from the opposition benches and now exposed for what they are.

"The people of the Highlands and Islands deserve better."


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