Flood protection budget issues

Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands Labour Regional MSP, is expressing fears over the future of Highland flood protection schemes.

Figures confirmed by a top Scottish parliamentary civil servant show that there will be no increase in flooding funding for Scotland over the next three years.

"While schemes currently approved will be protected, this means there will be less money available for councils than might have been thought.

"More worryingly flooding funding is to be put into the melting pot and everyone will want a share," said Mr Peacock.

"I am also concerned that the government is evading its responsibilities by not only freezing the amount of money available but also passing the buck to the local councils.

"Councillors will be put in a position where they have to choose between vital services," he added.

He has written to Highland Council Convenor Sandy Park to express his alarm over the future of the councilís projects.

"I believe the overall national fund had to continue to grow again significantly, as it has been doing in recent years, in order to meet growing needs.

"The current Scottish Government obviously do not share my views," said Mr Peacock.

Extract from Rural Affairs and Environment Committee meeting; Peter Peacock discusses flood protection budget issues >>>


3 December 2007

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